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Cover image Reliability Engineering & System Safety

CERes Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2017

Volume: 3, Issue: 2, December 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
ISSN: 2453-7314

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  1. Software Solution for Direct Seismic Prospecting Task On Parallel Resources

    Alexander Nedzved, Alexei Belotserkovsky, Pavel Lukashevich

  2. Unsupervised ranking of clients: machine-learning approach to define a “good customer”

    Uladzimir Parkhimenka, Mikhail Tatur, Olga Khandogina

  3. Analysis and software implementation of the methods for extracting semantic proximity between the lexical units

    Serhii Leoshchenko, Andrii Oliinyk, Sergey Subbotin

  4. FPGA LUTs for a Logic Systems

    Tyurin Sergey, Prokhorov Andrey, Vikhorev Ruslan

  5. The system for control and accounting of working time

    Anastasiia Plakhtii, Vadym Shkarupylo, Sergey Byelikov

  6. Comparative Statistical Analysis of Pseudorandom Binary Sequences by 53-bit Internal State Size Generator

    Tatiana Menshikh, Ilya Piatrenka, Vitaliy Khazan, Stanislav Derechennik

  7. Fostering Competences Development in Belarussian Higher Education

    Uladzislau Beizerau

  8. Information technology for video broadcasting

    Igor Olenchenko, Andrii Oliinyk, Sergey Subbotin

  9. Virtualization-based architecture for the operating systems history demonstration

    Anatoliy Gusev, Vladimir Kovalenko, Dmitriy Kostiuk

  10. Adaptive Algorithm of Intersection Management Based on Road Marking Adjustment Optimization

    Aliaksandr Zavadsky, Vasiliy Shut

  11. Mobility and Public Transport Service: From Deurbanization to Decentralization

    Valeriy Marunich, Oleksandr Melnichenko,Vitalii Kharuta

  12. Visualization of the ultrasonographical scans in critically ill neonates.

    Peter Krcho, Oto Mihalco, Simona Rusnakova