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Cover image Reliability Engineering & System Safety

CERes Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2019

Volume: 5, Issue: 2, December 2019
Publisher: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
ISSN: 2453-7314

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  1. Front Cover/ Editorial Board/ Table of Contents

  2. Improving the Accuracy of GPS Tracking Multiple Drones based on MCMC Particle Filter

    Negm Eldin Mohamed Shawky

  3. An Automatic Remote Heart Monitoring Based on Arduino

    Roberto Franchini

  4. Smart Shopping Cart System

    K.L.A.N.B. Senevirathne, W.M.I.G.D.N.B. Warnasooriya, P.K.H.D. Sandeepani, N. Vithana

  5. Special Discussion Section and Exhibition (Industrial Centre) in frame of the International Conference on Information and Digital Technologies

    Elena Zaitseva, Radim Bris, Jaroslav Majernik, Krzysztof Pancerz, Zdenek Vintr, Marianna Zichar

  6. Concept of Interdisciplinary R esearch in Biomedical Informatics and its Transformation into a New Study Program

    Denisa Macekova, Miroslav Kvassay, Elena Zaitseva

  7. Adequacy Adequacy Increase of Assessment of Minimal Cut Sets Considering Latent Failures

    Leonid Ozirkovskyy, Bohdan Volochiy, Andriy Mashchak, Ihor Kulyk