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Cover image Reliability Engineering & System Safety

CERes Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015

Volume: 1, Issue: 1, September 2015
Publisher: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
ISSN: 2453-7314

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  1. Front Cover/ Editorial Board/ Table of Contents

  2. A Resource-based Approach and Methods of Multiply Effects in Computer World

    Julia Drozd, Alex Drozd

  3. A Self-Checking Logic Sell

    Sergey Tyurin and Alex Gorodilov

  4. Quality in use expert assessment system for critical software

    Anastasia Orekhova, Anna Tilinska, T. Albo Baqer Karrar

  5. Handwriting recognition method in real-time mode based on distributed neural networks

    Yuri Vetroff, Dmitry Adzinets

  6. Technical vision system designed to analyze the quality of seeds

    Svetlana Ostroukhova, Mikhail Tatur

  7. Approach of writing NPE-safe code in java applications

    Vladislav Matelsky, Natalia Lapitskaya

  8. Researching of Thermophysical Processes in Acheson Furnace to Develop Automatic Process Control System

    Ihor Derevyanko, Oleksandr Zhadanos

  9. Modelling of the Tendering Process

    Tetiana Kolpakova

  10. Complex eco-biological system modeling

    Timofey Burak, Marina Lukashevich

  11. Using appearance for improving facial expression recognition

    Andrei Zhabinski, Dzmitry Adzinets

  12. Automatical Universal Decimal Classification based on frequency advanced method

    Fiodor Tretyakov, Liya Serebryanaya

  13. The RPE - security analytical tool

    Lucia Prochazkova, Martin Hromada

  14. Method of hyperspectral satellite image classification under contaminated training samples based on Dempster-Shafer’s paradigm

    Mikhail Popov, Sofiya Alpert, Victor Podorvan, Maksym Topolnytskyi, Serhii Mieshkov

  15. Metamodel describing relational database schema

    Matus Chochlik, Jozef Kostolny, Penka Martincova