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Cover image Reliability Engineering & System Safety

CERes Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2017

Volume: 3, Issue: 1, June 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
ISSN: 2453-7314

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  1. Front Cover/ Editorial Board/ Table of Contents

  2. Robot RUDA - Introduction and Current Research

    Luža R., Orság F., Drahanský M., Rozman J.

  3. Center of Excellence for Young Researchers of Brest State Technical University

    Pavel A. Kachurka, Siarhei I. Parfamuk, Volha A. Kachurka

  4. Verification of Steady State in Blood Flow Experiments

    Kristína Kovalčíková, Martin Slavík

  5. Sensitivity of Red Blood Cell Dynamics in a Shear Flow

    Mariana Ondrušová

  6. Application of the Remote Sensing in Environmental Management as the Interdisciplinary Approach

    Anna V. Khyzhniak, Olha V. Tomchenko, Anatolii Yu. Porushkevych

  7. Image Fusion for CT and MRI Scan Images Using DWT

    Priyadharisini A., Pavithra M., Nattar Kannan K.,Vijayaragavan P.