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Cover image Reliability Engineering & System Safety

CERes Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2021

Volume: 7, Issue: 2, December 2021
Publisher: Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina
ISSN: 2453-7314

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  1. Front Cover/ Editorial Board/ Table of Contents

  2. Construction of Control Systems of Flow Parametres of the Smart Conveyor using a Neural Network

    Anastasiya Sytnikova, Oleh Pihnastyi

  3. Principles of creating a Decision-Making System for a Radiologist-Mammologist

    Aleksandra Efimova, Aliaxey Kayeshko

  4. Information Support for Monitoring the Parameters of a Self-Organizing Mobile Data Network

    Sergey Pochenchuk, Andrey Omelyanec, Sergey Margolin, Yuliya Duinova

  5. Development of Automatic Contactless Ultrasound Method of Soil Density Analysis

    Andriy Moroz, Sergiy Filimonov

  6. Andriy Moroz, Sergiy Filimonov

    M. Pyvovar, O. Pogudina, D. Kritskiy

  7. Information System for assessing the Physical Condition of Pets

    Elizar Nosulya, Liudmila Nechvoloda

  8. Modernization of the Control System of the Abrasive Stone cutting Machine with a Reinforced Rope

    Krasneuski Dzianis, Shaban Lizaveta, Sushko Hanna, Alexander Svistun, Pantsialeyeu Kanstantsin

  9. Passive Acoustic Location Information System with Spatial Placement of Sensors in the Vertices of Platonic Polyhedrons

    Anastasiia Vynar, Anton Sorovetskyi, Inessa Kulakovska, Mykhailo Dvoretskyi